Ian Campbell better known as Ice MC, was born in England but his parents are from Jamaica. Ian got his nickname Ice when he was in high school. He was interested in clubs and breakdancing when he met Roberto Zanetti (better known as Savage) in Italy, with whom they have made the first track ‘’Easy’’.

Ice Mc is often associated with the reggae genre. The single ‘’Easy’’ was very successful all over Europe, but it was not considered to be Eurodance, as the majority of European tracks at that time.
Later in the early nineties, Roberto Zanetti met Alexia who became the future vocalist of their Eurodance hits.

His album Ice' N' Green released in 1994 was extremely successful and the two most successful songs were Think About the Way and It's a Rainy Day featuring Alexia.
Other successful songs from the same album include Take Away the Colour, Russian Roulette, Dark Night Rider, and Run Fa Cover.

Although the main genre for these songs is Eurodance, it does have a considerable amount of Italian influence.

This is especially prevalent in Dark Night Rider and It's a Rainy Day. But Think about the Way and It's a Rainy Day were so successful that many Eurodance fans still listen to them. In 1994, due to some legal issues, Ice MC separated from Roberto Zanetti and Alexia.

In 1996, Ice MC struck back with a new album called The Dredatour.
At the end of 2002 Ice Mc decided to return to Italy and to contact his friend and producer - Robyx (Roberto Zanetti) aka Savage again. Together, they decided to realize a new project.

Ice and Robyx started by writing some new material and, at the beginning of 2004, they withdrew into the studio to record a new album.

Legend of Ice Mc still goes on – Ice is still actively touring all over the world with fantastic shows, bringing the best vibes of the 90-s music! 



1990 — Cinema

1991 — My World

1994 — Ice’ N’ Green

1995 — Ice' N' Green (The Remix Album)

1996 — Dreadatour

2004 — Cold Skool



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